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A private Christian Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten program providing a strong biblically based foundation for future academic success and personal growth.

As a parent, you want your child to have a positive start to their education journey. You know school is much more than academic skills like literacy and math. You want an environment where your child feels loved and safe, allowing them to grow in confidence and independence and develop a love for learning. Beyond academics, our Early Education curriculum is rooted in a biblical foundation, helping children develop a love for God.  

At VCA, our youngest learners thrive in a safe and nurturing environment with endless opportunities for hands-on and play based learning. We know children learn best when they are actively engaged in meaningful activities that meet their individual needs and interests. Our program focuses on developing pre-readiness skills through guided play-based and teacher-directed activities, while also helping each student learn the social and emotional skills to help them thrive. 

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For most 3-year-olds, Preschool is their first exposure to a formal school setting. We work with families to help ease this transition and support children as they acclimate to the routines and expectations of a classroom. A strong emphasis is placed on emotional growth and social skills. Children grow when given opportunities to help others and take care of themselves, their belongings and the classroom. They learn how to make friends, play, share and work cooperatively with children their own age.  


Pre-Kindergarten is meant to prepare children for the social and academic challenges ahead. Our program introduces children to classroom learning so children are familiar with the process once they start kindergarten. Children participate in more structured, hands-on activities and delve deeper into certain subjects like early literacy, numeracy, and handwriting. They also continue to stretch and improve their fine and gross motor skills. Our curriculum encourages children to be independent, social, creative and curious, setting children up for success in their academic journey ahead.

Benefits of Pre-Kindergarten 

  • Pre-K Boosts Readiness: Research shows attending Pre-K helps to increase a child’s school readiness because of the introduction to both subject matter and classroom processes.  
  • Pre-K Positively Influences Children’s Behavior: Children involved in Pre-K usually have better attendance, better responsiveness to their teachers and fewer behavior problems than their peers.  
  • Pre-K Helps with Self-Care and Responsibility: In Pre-K, children learn basic skills such as keeping their desk or cubby organized. With the basics in hand, they will be able to adjust more quickly to kindergarten.  
  • Pre-K Defines Areas for Improvement: Each child has different God-given gifts and abilities they will use to help them succeed, but some need extra assistance to reach different milestones. Teachers can define the areas needed for extra focus in the future.  
  • Pre-K Enhances Print Awareness: Children who participate in Pre-K programs before Kindergarten have an 85% increase in their print awareness, improving their chances of reading at or above grade level.  
  • Pre-K Nurtures Creativity and Curiosity: Pre-K allows children to be creative and curious in a more structured environment than preschool. These hands-on, project-based activities foster a child’s critical thinking skills. 

“My daughter’s first year at Veritas was unbelievable. The teachers went above and beyond with their teachings. Their rooms were decorated each week with a theme. As they learned about God and scripture they also had fun and made memories and experiences for them to remember. Her knowledge and education has accelerated. The teachers and administration team is very active and loving! Everyday you see hugs and smiles!.”

– Heather McAdams, Early Education Preschool

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Why Choose VCA?

At VCA, we build our educational experience on three pillars while standing on a biblical foundation.

Biblical Worldview

At VCA, Bible isn’t just a class, it’s a part of everything we do. Our children learn that everything they do is to honor the Lord, from the way the treat their friends to the how they worship during chapel. Our littlest learners also have weekly bible lessons about the nature and character of God, the qualities of His people and His church. In addition, our children are active participants in chapel each week, singing and praising Jesus, and learning more about Him and His Word. Parents and family members are always welcome to join us!

Subjects + Learning Approach

Our experienced educators provide integrated learning opportunities through imaginative and cooperative play. They emphasize reading through letter recognition and sounds, sharing of literature and beginning reading. Children also expand their mathematical understanding of numbers, learning to count to and past 100. Project-based art introduces children to different methods for creation. Social-emotional skills are interwoven into every activity. Most of all, our children are taught the love of Jesus and the Bible in everything they do!


Parents should feel a peace of mind when dropping their child off at our Early Education campus. We go above and beyond to make sure our learning environments are safe and secure. Our staff members receive a background check, and all have a professing faith in Jesus Christ. Exterior and interior doors remained locked and secured throughout the instructional day. Playgrounds are fenced in with developmentally appropriate equipment and a safe fall surface at the base.

Mrs. Sherri Schwering

Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Schwering has been a part of VCA in Elementary for many years, recently switching to the Preschool classroom to serve our youngest Eagles.

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