Arts Overview

God has blessed Veritas Christian Academy with many talented students who routinely achieve at high levels – being recognized at state and national festivals. In addition to these gifted students, God has assembled an incredible group of instructors to guide these students in sharpening their skills, showing them how they can use their abilities in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. Our teachers are gifted artists with a passion for sharing their love of the arts with students. 

The Fine Arts Department challenges students to explore their God-given creativity to influence their culture for Christ.

Since God is the author of the arts as the Creator of the world and the Giver of all talents and abilities, His glory, magnificence and beauty are inherently displayed in us. Therefore, when we participate in the arts at VCA, we are individually reflecting His attributes and character through various creative ways of expression…Not only have we developed our talents at this school, but we have also learned to work together and use our abilities alongside other people. Even though one melody can sound beautiful by itself, just like how a singular color can be pleasing to the eye, when multiple melodies and colors combine to work together, they can create something even more beautiful. In a similar way, the arts at VCA have taught us how to create something even better than what we can accomplish on our own. In the words of Romans 12:16, we have learned how to “Live in harmony with one another.”  

-Elly Hartnell, Class of 2024 Art Pillar

Early Education Art & Music

Our Early Education students learn primarily through play. Much of their day includes art, music, and reading. Each of our classrooms additionally have an interactive board where teachers utilize videos, interactive learning programs, and visual resources to enhance student learning in these areas.  

To get the best feel of our Art Program, we encourage you to speak with our admissions office

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