We believe that vocal music serves three essential purposes at Veritas Christian Academy: To glorify God, to share his gospel with the world, and to build unity among his people. VCA’s Middle and High school choirs are directed by Mrs. Velloff.

High School Band

Veritas Christian Academy’s band program is under the direction of Mr. Michael Smith. The band program at VCA begins in 5th grade and builds year-to-year. Students entering band in middle school will learn the basics as well as become prepared to enter into the high school band program.  

High School Pep Band  is composed of all the high school band students.  They perform at various pep rallies, and select home football and basketball games.

High School Symphonic and Jazz Band is a full-year, performance-based class teaching various musical styles and performing both concert and jazz literature. Musical opportunities include solo/ensemble festival, winter and spring concerts, various chapel performances, local jazz festivals, the annual Gala, and performance trips. Students also have the opportunity to audition for the Metro 8 District Honor Band and/or Jazz Band.

High School Choir

Concert Choir

Concert Choir is a full-year class. No previous choral experience or auditioning is required. Students will learn various musical concepts, explore sight-singing, sing a variety of genres, and be encouraged to pursue excellence in their musicality. Concert Choir will expose students to singing and performing while continuing to build musical skills and confidence. Concert Choir participates in various competitions as a part of the class.

Voces Vitae A Cappella

A full-year course that requires prior choral experience of at least one year, an audition process, and an interview with the director. This class will emphasize sight-reading and ear-training. Voces Vitae participates in various district and state competitions every year (in large and small ensembles) and has the potential to tour St. Louis area and/or travel out of town, as well.

High School Worship Band

Each year, high school students have the opportunity to lead worship during our weekly chapels. Students on the worship band are chosen through an audition and application process that emphasizes a heart for worship along with musical skill. The band is student-driven with guidance from several teachers and focuses on song selection to include praise, worship, emotion, doctrine, exhortation, and more. This is a great opportunity for students to lead their peers, and it is amazing to see how God uses worship to impact our community.

Middle School

6th Grade Choir

The 6th Grade Choir is a vocal ensemble dedicated to exploring God’s gift of music in a fun, positive, and educational way. 

7th Grade Choir and 8th Grade Choir 

The 7th and 8th Grade choirs are both non-audition vocal ensembles that provide a safe and comfortable space for young people to explore music in a way that is honoring to the Lord, encourages positivity, and builds unity.  

All three choirs have two required evening semester concerts (Christmas and Spring) and a Nursing Home/Assisted Living Caroling Concert (during the school day). In addition, the 7th and 8th Grade Choirs participate in the evaluative Music in the Parks Festival in April or May of each year.  

Concert Band 

Consists of a 6th grade and a 7th/8th grade band class. Students perform in a winter and spring concert. The middle school bands also participate in a Six Flags music festival. 

Middle School Worship Band 

Middle School offers a worship band for 6th-8th grade students to have a safe and comfortable place to improve upon musical and leadership skills, and most importantly – an outlet to learn to serve, worship, and honor our wonderful Lord and Savior with all that we are.  

The MSWB will lead worship for chapel periodically through out the year. Students will have opportunities to practice their instruments together, lead devotionals, learn about what worship is, and discuss and explore topics related to worship such as song choice, harmony and melody, lyrics, and what it looks like for a young person to lead worship. 


We love music! Each week, students enjoy learning different aspects of music through vocal and instrumental instruction. Our Elementary Christmas Production includes 1st through 4th graders in a choir and theatrical performance by the 5th grade performing arts group. It is always a great part of the Christmas season! 

5th Grade Concert Band is a full-year class that meets twice weekly. This class focuses on the fundamentals of music, including the basics of instrumental performance. Students perform in a winter and spring concert.


Veritas Christian Academy’s Orchestra Program is under the direction of Mrs. Jennifer Goodman. In addition to teaching, Mrs. Goodman is also an active professional freelance violinist and violist in the St. Louis area. She plays regularly with The Bach Society of St. Louis, as well as in the pit orchestra for the Young People’s Theater at St. Charles Community College. She has also performed in the Muny Orchestra, and for numerous touring groups such as Rod Stewart, Page and Plant, The Moody Blues, and The Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Teaching orchestra at VCA is her favorite part of the day because she gets to share her love of music with her students. 
Elementary Orchestra is offered in 3rd & 4th grade after school and in 5th grade during the school day. Students learn the skills to play their chosen instrument, read music, and work as an ensemble. The skills learned in elementary orchestra prepare the students for middle and high school orchestra performances.
6th grade orchestra is for beginners up to intermediate players. Beginners will learn to read notes and play their chosen instrument. 7th and 8th grade Orchestra students will build upon what they learned as beginners. In addition to concerts and school performances, Orchestra students will have numerous enrichment opportunities. All middle school students can participate in the Middle School Solo and Ensemble Festival, and the 7th and 8th Grade Orchestra performs at a Music in the Parks festival and competition. Orchestra students can audition for the Metro 8 Middle School Honors Orchestras
High School Orchestra students will further refine their skills. High School Orchestra students participate in the MSHSAA Solo and Ensemble Festival, MSHSAA Large Ensemble Festival, the MMEA All State Orchestra, and a Music in the Parks festival and competition. Orchestra students can audition for the Metro 8 High School Honors Orchestras
The Orchestra students take field trips to hear professional performances, as well as performing in our community. Most of all, the students build an Orchestra family, and experience the joy of using their musical gifts to God’s glory!