Elementary at
Veritas Christian Academy

A private Christian School providing a Christ-centered education for students in St. Charles County. Here, your child will be known by name and educated in a nurturing and academically stimulating environment.

6,120 hours. That’s about how much time your child will spend in elementary school, and as a parent, you want to make those hours count! You understand the importance of a nurturing, Christ-centered environment where your child is known by name. You want a place where your child is loved and supported enough to make mistakes and get back up again. Most of all, you want somewhere that will deepen your child’s love for God and His word. After all, these are some of the most important years of your child’s life. 

Why Parents Choose
Meet a Teacher


Biblical Foundation

At VCA, we take a distinctively Christian approach to Elementary education. Our traditional curriculum is integrated with biblical truth, and those truths are demonstrated for students daily by experienced teachers who model the love of Jesus Christ. Our program is focused on developing each child academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. 

“Colton has grown so much spiritually since attending Veritas Christian Academy. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are a daily topic of conversation and when Colton has a difficult day or when something doesn’t go his way, he has learned to pray about it, over it and through it. His ability to discuss emotions rather than act on them has allowed him the opportunity to understand big feelings much easier. His love for God is seen when he loves others big and we attribute all of that to VCA.”

– Allison Seeds, VCA Elementary Parent

Reasons Why Parents Choose VCA

Engaging Academics:

Your child won’t just learn the essential building blocks of academics like reading and math, but will understand how those building blocks are supported by biblical truth. We integrate morals, values and critical thinking into our core subjects taught daily including: math, reading, language, science and history. 

Reading Comprehension:

Daily reading lessons are designed to help your child increase their reading abilities. The goal is that our students learn to read in early elementary so that in their later years, they can begin reading to learn. Small group activities, independent reading and other phonics-based lessons help your young reader tackle more challenging books. 


Your child will become an engaged problem solver as they join hands-on learning opportunities encouraging creativity and collaboration. Once per semester, students get the chance to work alongside middle and high school students, participating in STEM activities to practice cooperation and purposeful teamwork. 

Special Subjects:

Each week, students participate in Music, PE, Computer, Library and Art. VCA is also one of the only schools in the region with specified music program offerings for elementary students. In 5th grade, each child gets to choose between Band, Orchestra, or Performing Arts, allowing them to begin perfecting their craft in the music class of their liking. 


During computer class, your child will learn skills like keyboarding, internet navigation, and document creation. Technology is also used in the classroom during certain times of the day to enhance individual lessons, but we value the peer-to-peer and student-to-teacher interaction that comes out of lessons not involving technology. 

Extra Curricular Opportunities:

Beginning in Kindergarten, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of after-school activities, helping build character and teamwork. Elementary students can participate in Cheer, Flag Football, Basketball and Track.

Meet the Teacher

Ms. Bev Budde

First Grade Teacher

Years at CSD: 38 

“I get to be a part of student growth and love kids each and every day. It’s been a huge blessing to me to be a part of this place and develop relationships with my co-workers, my students and their families” 

Favorite Children’s Book: Charlotte’s Web